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About us

Umm AlQura Elevators is the sole agent in the Saudi Arabia's western territory of Fuji Sino Elevators Co., Ltd., Fujian previously known as Quanzhou Lift Factory has decades of experience in manufacturing elevators.
Since 1997, Quanzhou Lift Factory has teamed up with an internationally established partner to transfer advanced state of the art Japanese lift technology and passenger friendly elevator products.
The company situated in Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Area is fully equipped with modern manufacturing plant which is supported by sophisticated computer aided systems such as MRP, CAD and CAM.
The technical co-operation also serves to enhance the FUJI elevator as a product, in terms of added features such as intelligent controls. Through proper training and guidance from our international JV partner, the knowledge gained combined with professional and dedicated working culture insured that the elevators produced are of the highest quality.
The FUJI elevator compassed many of the common attributes expected by today's modern society, safety, reliability, performance, comfort and a design based on human needs. It is the result of the company's research and development efforts and embraces the latest leading edge technology complied with the proceeding might and the versatility of the humble micro processor.
Versatility is achieved via programmable micro-controllers, the software which can be written to cater to the exact requirements of the client. Our engineers have made every effort to ensure simplicity in the system design while at the same time maintaining the system efficiency and versatility.
In line with the companies continued commitment to product excellence, quality, safety and reliability, our products and processes are in full compliance with the A.N.S.I., B.S. and J.I.S. quality and safety standards.
As the crowning achievement of the past years, we were awarded the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification for manufacturing, installation, modernization and maintenance of FUJI elevator. FUJI have also obtained various certifications and recognized by international certification network is a key factor to achieving our goal of providing products and services of the highest quality to an increasingly global market.
Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. In tandem with this, design has been based on human needs and not purely for the sake of technology. It is no wonder then that the FUJI elevators is fast becoming the one and only elevator for all facilities.